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About Us

CCD Engineering strives to be the cleanest, creative and most dependable alternative energy innovators and consultants. Collectively our passion is to see the community thrive from using the natural energy you already possess. Individually we have worked on several projects to better the communities using clean energy. Together we are working on our greatest project "YOU".

Chris Roberts
Energy Engineering Consultant
Ray Chaney
FEA, CAD Enerygy Engineering
Tamara Roberts
Paralegal, AP/AR, Administration
Kevin Estes
Energy Generation, Mechanical Engineering
Reggie Roberts
Software/Hardware Engineering
Adah Roberts
Accountting, Finance, MBA, CPA
Benjamin Roberts
Information Technology, Software Engineer, Web Development

Our Vision

To cultivate a partnering relationship where our customers know their business will be the number one priority. Each project will be handled with efficiency, professionalism and thoroughness.


The entire world uses electrical energy every day; it is an essential way of life for most cultures. CCD Engineering will be at the forefront of research that will not only make the energy more cost effective, but benefit the environment as well. Alternative forms of energy such as Wind, Solar, and Fuel Cell are becoming more readily available and will one day supplant fossil fuels as mankind’s method of obtaining energy.

Using patented processes and materials, CCD Engineering will develop energy devices that are environmentally friendly, economically feasible, and will revolutionize the industry. Please contact us to partner with us, and help lead energy.

Services & Clients

Residential Alternative Energy Presentation
CCD Engineering’s team of experts is here to help improve your bottom line through consultation and design engineering. Our areas of expertise include:
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Finite Elemental Analysis
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Industrial Chemical Mixing
  • Turbine Generators
  • Program Management
  • Software & IT Management
  • Electro-coated Steel
  • Capital Equipment
  • Corporate and Business Tax